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"I Believe"

by Angela Feurer
( This story is taken from Prairie Review Newspaper with Angela's permission.)

I start this story out with an interesting question to all... Do you believe there is some type of life after death? I believe. Normally, there are the pessimistic as well as optimistic people when it comes to that question, but can you be both? I think my father is wondering that same question.

Two weeks ago I took a trip back home to Iowa. This was not a normal vacation for me visiting all of my relatives and friends, this was a special trip for me. On Saturday, June 21, I went to see Robert Baca, a medium or psychic if you will.

Robert Baca was born with psychic gifts, but was not encouraged to use them.
He learned later in his life that his gifts were similar to those of world-renowned psychics such as John Edward, James Van Praagh, and Sylvia Browne. He has conducted readings and delivered messages from “the other side” for those who seek this comunication and validation of their loved ones who have crossed over.

My oldest sister had mentioned to me earlier this year that she had been going and having readings done by Baca. She asked that if she paid for it ( a reading) would I take the trip to come and have it done? I had nothing to lose. I mentioned to my father about going to the reading in Des Moines and he had nothing good. In other words, he thought I was wasting my time.

At first I didn’t know what to expect. Was he just going to be telling me the same thing that many of the so-called psychics tell everyone? You know, like I was going to be coming into a large sum of money in the near future.
My experience was nothing like that at all. Robert never told my future. I got the chance to speak with “the other side”. Did I think he was crazy?
At times. Was he for real? Very much so. I am here to tell you that the reading I had with Robert Baca was as real as anything.

He revealed things that I had never shared before to anyone. He is not a fake. I received the one thing that I always wanted, a chance to speak with my Mom, who died in an accident when I was 1 1/2. She congratulated me on my new marriage, something that Mr. Baca had no idea about, nor did he know how she died, but explained to me what had happened. I was in awe of how he nailed things about me and my family members.

Of course, I had a million questions for him, but sat and listened to him relay messages to me for other people who were using me as their “messenger”
, expecially my friend Kelli, who tragically lost her little boy over 1 1/2 years ago. Her son didn’t hesitate to come through with messages for his mom and family.

After 1 1/2 hours, an hour more than I was supposed to have, I walked out of his office with a new understanding to things around me. There is life after death, and there are those who are watching out for us, as well as angels.

My biggest talk was yet to come. I had messages to deliver to my father, the pessimist.

Upon going to my father’s home after my reading, I pondered on whether or not to reveal to him the messages that I was to bring to him. Although he knows that there is another place that we will go, he is still very leery.
When my grandmother was dying, and he was by her side, he had said she kept fading in and out and telling him that everything was fine, that William (her husband) was there waiting for her, as well as Barbara (my mother). He had accepted what she was saying then, but I knew it would take some doing to convince him what I had to tell him.

Once I got there, I “chickened out” about a hundred times, until I just finally started telling him things. I could feel the wall come up when I started to talk about my reading. He of course, had little good to say, just listening, until what I had said to him at the end had him thinking that maybe this guy wasn’t fake after all. I was to relay a message to him from my grandfather, to my father, that “the slate is clean, no more grudges, the past is the past, it’s done and over with.” My father got a strange look on his face and told me that “it was over 50 years ago...” I didn’t ask what it was about, nor did I even know they fought before he died. From that moment on I knew he had other questions that he wanted to ask, but I didn’t wwant to push my luck and have him admit to me that he was wrong. For more information on Robert Baca, you may visit his website at www.voicesfromheaven.com

I close this story with the words from Diamond Rio’s song titled “I Believe”
from their album, Completely.

Every now and then,
Soft as breath upon my skin,
I feel you come back again.
And it’s like you haven’t been gone a moment from my side, Like the tears were never cried, Like the hands of time are holding you and me.
And with all my heart I’m sure, we’re closer than we ever were I don’t have to hear or see.
I’ve got all the proof I need.
There are more than angels watching over me I believe, I believe.

That when you die your life goes on
It doesn’t end here when you’re gone
Every soul is filled with light
It never ends, and if I’m right.
Our live can even reach across eternity
I believe, I believe.

Forever you’re a part of me, forever in the heart of me And I’ll hold you even longer if I can The people who don’t see the most, Say that I believe in ghosts And if that makes me crazy, then I am ‘Cause I believe

There are more than angels watching over me I believe, I believe.


by Ashley Strader

Recently I decided to take it upon myself and try something that very few people get the chance to.

I traveled to the small town of Sheffield, Illinois on October 18 th , to visit one of America’s best-known psychic mediums, Robert Baca. For those of you who don’t even know what a medium is, and the name John Edwards doesn’t ring a bell, a medium is simply someone with a sixth sense, someone who can communicate, and deliver messages from the people who have passed away, or “crossed over.”

I’ve always been interested in this, of course, watching John Edwards work his magic on t.v., so I when I read an advertisement about Robert Baca being in Sheffield and offering to do one on one readings, I decided to take my chances, save up the money and go for it. So three weeks later there I was, standing inside a room in what used to be a Sheffield bed and breakfast inn.

As I was waiting for my turn to go into the one private room, his bookkeeper was standing next to me asking if I had any questions before I entered the room with Robert to begin my session. I told her not really, but I asked if she could give me any background information on him. I found that he always felt that he had a psychic gift, but after surviving a life-threatening accident, his powers grew more intense. He spoke with a fellow psychic who taught him how to put forth his gift, to deliver the messages to those who needed them.

Pretty soon, Robert came out with a smile on his face and he told me to enter the room. We sat down, and he pushed the tape recorder, that I brought in case I was too nervous to listen to every word, on and he began talking. I never once mentioned anything about anyone in my family to him; I just simply sat and intensely listened to the messages that were being delivered to me, and everything he spoke of was right on.

He mentioned things that only the person who has “crossed” and I would have known. I literally could not breathe. Robert even mentioned my grandfather who passed a few years ago and said “Your grandfather wants you to wish your mother a happy birthday.” My mother’s birthday is next Tuesday!

I walked out of the old bed and breakfast pretty shaken up, but I thank everything above that I was given the chance to have that experience. It gives you a sense of peace, and assurance that everything really will be all right.

If you would like further information about Robert Baca, his website is www.voicesfromheaven.com .

By Michelle Rubin, City View Magazine, Des Moines, IA.
Reprinted with permission.

The term “psychic fair” makes skeptics salivate and the uninitiated tatter, while news anchors make lame jokes, such as, “If you’re a psychic, you’ve already predicted this weekend’s psychic fair is over.” When the Iowa Psychic Fair comes to town with its crystals, mediation stones and tarot cards in tow, the local metaphysical community’s annual gathering is treated like an oddity. But in the middle of the afternoon on Father’s Day, the Tourism Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds was packed with people checking out an alternative view of all things holistic and spiritual.

It was my first time at a psychic fair, and I’ll admit, there were things about the metaphysical fields I didn’t entirely understand. For instance, when Pat Jones, the Des Moines reflexologist who helped organize this year’s fair, asked the woman whose feet she was rubbing with oils to sign a piece of paper granting Jones access to her aura, I was a bit confused by the collision of legalities and holistics.

And though the booth set up by Joseph Ward clearly touted “spiritual music profiles,” I just didn’t grasp the concept of music “composed for you using your energy, information and guides.” And I didn’t quite understand what the lovely castles and intricate dragons emblazoned on the banners decorating the exhibition hall had to do with the psychic services, massages and jewelry available out on the floor.

But that’s not to say I didn’t buy into some of what I say at the psychic fair. Nor did I think I was above it all, as so often seems to be the notion when naysayers haughtily dismiss all things metaphysical as rubbish.

When Joes placed her hand over the client’s concession-stand sandwich to make it taste better using an ancient Mayan and Aztec practice called “light language,” I was perplexed. It had something to do with color and geometry imagery and transferring energy to the object, but it was too advanced for me. When she have me a sealed bottle of water to which light language had been applied, though, I felt calmer and more content all day – despite a looming deadline that usually fills me with anxiety. It may have been the power of suggestion rather than the power of Jones, but either way, it worked.

I may watch the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Crossing Over with John Edward”-on which America’s cutest psychic medium does readings in front of a studio audience-more often than I care to admit, but I was skeptical watching clairvoyant Robert Baca claiming to receive messages from audience members’ dead loved ones. It is my job to be skeptical, after all. And it was a little startling to hear the psychic from Fairbank tell a woman her deceased father was standing right behind her with his hand on her shoulder.

True, Baca’s schtick seemed a little too close to my own impersonation of Edward. But he can do what I can’t: He pinpoints specific information without much more than a nod of a small gesture-what the mediums call validation-from audience members.

“I’m being pulled over here,” he said, pointing stage left and adding, “I have a male child below”-that means someone younger than the audience member-“pulling me over here over here.” A woman in the section he indicated raised her hand.

“He was 2 years old.” The woman answered.

After a series of similar questions that were meant to validate he was reading the right person, Baca said he had a message for her. “He says you’ve stopped your spiritual growth.’Mom,’ he’s telling me, ‘you did all you could do. It was my time to go.”

The woman put her hand over her mouth and nodded.

It was at that point that I started hoping Baca would point my way and start asking about my loved ones who’ve “crossed over.” I waited to hear “mother figure: or for him to ask me, “Who is Jill?” and found I was disappointed when the hour passed without anything coming my way.

Skeptics will tell you that Baca and clairvoyants like him have tricks to get this information from people. That they somehow gather these clues beforehand or use vague questions to lead the fools to give them the information. Maybe they’re right. Throughout the presentation there were a few misses, but there were more things Baca got dead-on without hesitation. We’re talking exact names, such as “Jean,” that he got from people who didn’t seem to good enough actors to be shills.

But I decided it doesn’t really matter. When the young mother who lost her son got a message from Baca that might help her cope with her loss, I had a breakthrough of my own. Regardless of whether it’s all real, it gives people comfort. For some of them, it helps them move on. And if millions of people can find solace in worshipping, as one co-worker recently put it, an invisible man in the sky, why can’t I believe that Baca can talk to people who have crossed over?

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