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     Hi Robert,

     We spoke last night about my daughter Brooke. She was the little girl that had the brain tumor.
     Thank you so much for giving me the messages from her. I was able to validate all of the information you gave me. Some of which I wasn’t even aware of. You also gave me a message from a male figure that was with her with the name beginning of an R and this message was to go to a Michael. Michael is my brother in law and R- is Rip his father. Also after that you were coming through with a letter C. Their last name is Collins. I understood it that Rip was very anxious for his son to receive this message. I did call and give that message to his son. Michael was very skeptical but just as you told me, I told him I was only the messenger and he could do what he wants with that information.
     You mentioned to me that I need to go forward with my life and Brooke said that my life stopped when she died. That is true in a lot of ways. I guess the main thing after thinking about all of it is to forgive myself. Brooke lived nine years and through those 9 years it sometimes was very hard on all of us. Mentally she never got passed the age of a toddler. I was the main caregiver for her and I’m afraid I got very frustrated at times. That was a time in my life where I was trying to care for 4 children as well as run a daycare and Brooke had many medical needs. I feel very sorry for the frustration I showed Brooke. I don’t think that I was always a very loving mother to her. I feel very sad and disappointed in myself for allowing myself to be that way.
     I just talked to my daughter Lindsay – Brooke’s sister and she validated a few more things that you said. You said that she had something in her room that used to belong to the two of them. She said just two weeks ago she found the barrettes and ribbons that they used to wear in their hair and she has those in her room in a bag. Also regarding Lindsay Brooke showed a number 11. Lindsay says that is her lucky number that she has had on all of her sports jerseys and she always referred to it as her lucky number. I had no idea about that so that validated more of the information that came forth.
     Thank you so much for passing on this information. It really means a lot to me. Julie mentioned that you are coming to Des Moines in the middle of July and I am going to try to see you and possibly have a private reading at that time.

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