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  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for coming to the psychic fair. You may not remember me since you saw so many people that weekend; I am Pat Jones and Laurie Jilek’s cousin. And I was also lucky enough to get myself and my family in on your busy schedule for readings. It meant so much to me to hear from my father and my mother. My dad meant the world to me and we were very close. There are very few days that go by that I don’t find myself in tears thinking about him and tormenting myself with the thought that if I had gone to his house earlier that day I would have been there when he had his heart attack and I may have been able to help or get help there in time. Although that still torments me somewhat I at least know that he is here and still loves me, and I have you to thank for that.
     If you re going to schedule any more sessions in Des Moines or anywhere close to Mason City (where I live) I would sure like to know about it. Do you have a schedule of events at all? After talking to all of my friends and colleagues at work, they would all love to see for themselves what I was fortunate enough to experience. I am also selfish and would love to have another reading. I think this is something you just always want, when your family isn’t physically here, you search for the only other thing there is. You have a wonderful special gift and I hope you know how many people really appreciate what you do and the help you give them.
     Again THANK-YOU. Those words just don’t seem enough, but words can’t describe how I feel and how your gift has touched my life. If you have a newsletter of any kind of mailings I would like to be on your list my address is below.
     And may the light of the Great Spirit always shine on you bless you and keep you and yours safe.

Robin Evans
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